Why AHA&A?

  • Psychometric assessment of every candidate allows easy placement within the organisation
  • Basic training modules related to communication, IT, etc are provided before placement to enhance skills thereby saving time & cost.
  • Complete S/W analysis of the potential employees alongwith his/her preferences.
  • We source high quality candidates
  • Our focus is to serve our clients promptly and to their utmost satisfaction
Recruitment Services

  • Recruitment & bulk Hiring for all levels of management
  • Third party staffing services
  • Compliance Services

Training & Development

  • Soft skill Training
  • Interpersonal communication Skills
  • Basic IT skills

Human Analytic Services

  • Psychometric Tests
  • Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test / Career Guidance Test

Other Services

Employment Training
Skillset Training
Hobby Development

DMIT Reporting
Psychometric Analysis
Parenting & Counselling

XI to TY Bcom.

Accounting & taxation
Loan Syndication
Investment Management

Our Clients